Signs You Need To Get Your Teeth RemovedĀ 

When wisdom teeth start emerging, they might impact the alignment of your teeth and the jaw. That is why some people choose to get them extracted. You can monitor their development by regularly visiting your dentist for check-ups. 

For tooth removal in Franklin, you can look online for the treatment if you see any of the following signs in your teeth: 

Sensitivity and Pain

If you feel sensitivity or pain in the back of your mouth while eating or brushing your teeth, you should ask your dentist for teeth removal. It would be best to get it treated as soon as possible to avoid complicated surgery for the treatment. 

Even a simple cavity, when left untreated, might require a crown or a root canal therapy at later stages. So, if you experience any pain in your teeth, you need to get them removed before it leads to a bigger problem. 

Gum Inflammation 

Wisdom teeth create a flap of gum tissue behind the molars that trap food and bacteria in your mouth. In case this tissue becomes inflamed, it appears reddish and swollen along the gum line, which is sore to the touch and makes it harder for you to brush your teeth. 

Stiffness or pain in the jaw

tooth removal in Franklin

When wisdom teeth are growing, they might cause some pain as you bite your teeth together. Due to this, you start feeling muscle stiffness and pain in the jaw. It also causes difficulty in opening or closing your mouth. If you don’t treat it in time, it will lead to TMJ problems. 


Teeth removal becomes necessary when you have any of the above problems. If you do not see a dentist regarding these issues, these can cause larger issues that require extensive treatment.  

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